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What is difference between balsutrade and baluster?

There are certain components in your home that you don’t know what to call unless you have to replace or upgrade them.

marble balustrade

There are certain components in your home that you don’t know what to call unless you have to replace or upgrade them. In the case of balconies, staircases, porches, terraces, and other decorative elements, there are some parts known as marble balusters and marble balustrades. However, both these elements are usually mistaken as one or the same.

But some of you may be surprised to know that these two are completely different elements found in staircases. In this article, we will discuss what distinguishes these two elements from one another.

What is a baluster?

A baluster, also known as a spindle, is vertical, vase-adjacent legs or posts located between a railing. It is intended for adding support to its top rail. This term originates from the Italian word ‘balaustra’ that means ‘wild pomegranate flowers. It is named so because this feature is reminiscent of the curve of a flower’s calyx tube. Generally, baluster is crafted from marble, wood, iron, or other stones.

What are balusters used for?

Unlike popular belief, marble baluster does not only exist as an attractive addition to a railing. It also contributes heavily to the railing’s entire structure. For one, balusters are intended to close the gaps formed between posts. It serves as the safety barrier to get rid of extra space from which people may fall and slip. For two, balusters are intended to deliver structural flair and add style to your railings. It is designed the way you want. So, there are endless aesthetic possibilities. If you are seeking to match your balusters to your home’s overall vibe, it is possible to attain with ease.

What is a balustrade?

Balustrade, on the other hand, is available in various terraces and staircases. It is a common part of any architecture. It is made with a row of tiny columns topped with a rail. Basically, the balustrade blends the functions of the decorative element with a handrail of repetitive balusters. This element was first derived in Roman and Greek ensembles where columns lead to complexity and visual harmony of buildings. In that era, balustrades were called colonnades. These also provide additional support to buildings.

Just like a marble baluster, a marble balustrade can also be utilized both indoors and outdoors for making balconies and staircases. These are also used as decorative structures. Besides marble, balustrade can be made of wood or glass.

What are balustrades used for?

The balustrades can serve various functions. These help in reducing the possibility of an individual falling off a stairway. They also provide privacy to an area. For instance, a gilded balustrade can separate a chamber in a living room from the rest of the area.

marble balustrade

Typically, balustrades are created for both function and form since they serve both practical and decorative purposes. In modern structures and buildings, balustrades are available in a wide range of materials and shapes. You can choose from intricately wrought iron spindles to no-frills wooden posts.

If you want to add balustrades to the railings, you can do so with any materials and design of your choice. You can even match it with the overall theme of your home or make it stand out as a focal point of your adobe. After all, there are endless posibilities.

No matter how you want to add balusters and balustrades in your home, consult the professionals to ensure the perfect layout and finish.

marble balustrade

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