Modern Fountain:Custom stone lotus fountain

Modern fountain|Customzied Custom stone lotus fountain for sale

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Details of black marble lotus water feature

No matter how great human ingenuity and imagination grow, the best designs will always be found in abundance in nature. The iconic lotus flower is a ubiquitous symbol of the beauty, fragility, and elegance of the natural world: here it is rendered in gorgeous black marble as a garden landscape fountain! Just as human designs cannot compete with nature, nor can nature compete with the sheer prowess and dedication of the craftsmen and engineers who made this stunning stone lotus fountain not only possible.

Marble lotus water feature

  • Material:nero marquina marble
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

breathtakingly realized, to the utmost of its potential. Its sleek black marble surface and its peacefully bubbling water feature combine to bring out the most of the lotus fountain’s shape, texture, and placement in your garden.