Bespoke marble balustrade

Custom design stone balustrade

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Marble balustrade

Long marble railing, bespoke marble balustrade

A fine piece of architecture to be included in any space, this bespoke marble balustrade can elevate the design layout instantly without disrupting the current patterns. By including a stone balustrade in your garden, on your balcony or terrace, you not add a function feature, but a decorative piece as well, which is why it is incredibly important to pick something that will work as both. A handcrafted long marble railing can bring in a distinctive grace and aesthetic elements that will be integral to your entire property for decades to come.

Entrance stairs stone balustrade design

With arches and columns like those of European abbeys, this marble balustrade has been made from natural white marble blocks and has architectural qualities to enhance the beauty of your space. One corner pedestal has an angelic figure carved on it, while the other has wheat and berry, symbolizing harvest. The custom marble balustrade can be included in a modern, mid-century or contemporary home or garden for extra touch of charm. This beautiful marble railing can be custom-made to better accommodate any design or size modifications you may have to suit your space. The charming addition of this natural stone feature will grace your home for ages and will become an instant value investment.

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