Long marble railing

Custom design stone balustrade

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Marble balustrade

Long marble railing

Stone banister can be a marvelous inclusion in any space, be it residential or commercial. Your balcony, garden edges or the terrace – all are incomplete without a beautiful marble banister to raise the style quotient to make a statement. An elegantly carved natural stone railing can add the aesthetical charm your place may be missing. Install this custom marble banister in your home to elevate the design layout and make it a value investment for the entire property. Beautifully carved from white marble, this railing features stunning arches between pillars, while the side pedestals have engraved features of angels and saints to bring in an ethereal vibe to the architectural piece.

Entrance stairs stone balustrade design

Its beautiful design will evoke the images of European abbeys, which to be honest, are one of the most regal structures ever to be erected on the face of the earth. You can have this stunning piece of architectural beauty made to order in any size, shape or material to make it a better fit for your available space and existing design layout. It will make a perfect addition to any modern, contemporary or mid-century home or garden, and transform them instantly by introducing a distinct charm and elegance.

granite balustrade
stone balustrade