Stone maya bust, head bust sculptures

Life-sized Marble bust

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marble bust

Stone maya bust, head bust sculptures

Get this natural stone Maya King Bust home to style up your Boho and traditional interior decor. This is a beautiful, hand-carved stone bust of the Mayan King Pakal. The piece is composed of natural white marble stone and inlaid with calm facial features and the identical crown of the king. The artisans' work of this sculpture is meticulous as they carefully detail the facial expressions and elaborate headdresses of the Maya emperor. The head bust sculpture comes with a square pedestal, providing the art piece a good elevation and luxury feel to your space.

Natural stone maya king bust

You can have this as a centerpiece in your living room, house facade, patio, or garden. The stone Maya bust is built with a premium quality natural stone block that can withstand tough weather conditions, therefore you can have this installed in your outdoor space without worrying about its wear and tear. You can have this stone Maya bust in your required dimensions to fit your space the best. Feel free to send us your custom request. If after delivery you are not satisfied with our product or design let us know, we will always guarantee you full satisfaction.