Modern stone bust, contemporary design marble bust

Life-sized Marble bust

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marble bust

Modern stone bust, contemporary design marble bust

Make this modern stone Maya bust a surprise for your guests and home visitors. This stone decorative bust is hand carved using a heavy marble stone block and finished in a sophisticated shade of antique white. The sculpture features two heads and one common face. The outer head frames the head with calm facial expressions in the middle. Its unique modern design adds a sense of curiosity to the space. Having its first glace everyone will wonder and will ask for its unique relevance and the theory behind it. The modern stone bust can be positioned on any flush floor surface or marble stone pedestal to lend a timeless touch of class to your interior.

Human bust, stone decorative bust, bust of ahead

You can also get it placed in your yard or house facade to add a sense of attraction and interest. The contemporary marble bust is entirely hand-worked by the expert stone artisans of our marble factory. The details are so meticulously done, feels very real that you could relate to the facial expressions of the woman. Our each marble bust statue is created using only high-quality marble so you don’t need to worry about their wear and tear. You can expect this decorative piece to last for years in your property. It is also can be ordered in custom dimensions on request. Feel free to contact us.