Garden marble statuary of Greek warriors

Garden marble statuary of Greek warriors fighting with swords stand on pedestals

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Greek warriors statues stands on stone sculpture bases

Greek statues not only focused on Greek mythology and Gods, they also depict heros, scholars and kings. Since people looked up to Gods, ruler,and heros like greek warriors to seek for inspiration in ancient Greek. These fighting sword warriors marble sculpture standing on stone sculpture bases are perfectly represent the spirit of courages and loyal! Our sculptored's talented skills makes these statues even more outstanding with the facial expression of determind and devoted. The orginal height of these two garden statuaries are 180cm 71", not including the marble pedestal which is 80cm height. The greek warriors sculptures are hand-carved from a natural white marble block. The truth about a real marble sculpture display in your garden is that you would never worry about maintaining and its quality, since it's a real stone!

Greek warrior statuary sculpture statues details

  • Material: White marble.
  • Marble Bulk Density (kg/m3): 2680
  • Marble Water Absorption: 0.12
  • Marble Flexural Strength: 18.8
  • Hand-crafted from solid marble blocks
  • Marble surface: Polished & Waxed.
  • Statue height: 71" (180cm)
  • Marble pedestal height: 32" (80cm)
  • Element: detail carved helmet and armour. Garland carving.
  • Statues are suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Marble pedestals could be customzied.
  • Other colours of marble and dimensions customization are available.