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Why is marble used for statues?

Marble is a timeless, translucent stone that lets light enter and creates a soft glow. Due to this property, marble is considered to produce many stunning sculptures for centuries.

Dancing Four Seasons Goddess Statues

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Marble is a timeless, translucent stone that lets light enter and creates a soft glow. Due to this property, marble is considered to produce many stunning sculptures for centuries. You can find many old marble monuments, statues, and sculptures worldwide. This proves that this natural stone can last for hundreds or thousands of years without the impact of environmental factors.

How to identify the authenticity of a marble statue?

Psyche - The Georgeous Maiden statue

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If you find some signs of wear or scratches on the surface of a statue, it’s real marble. If you scratch a knife underside the slab or on some inconspicuous area and it does not get damaged, you are looking at a highly durable granite stone or manufactured stone. The marble statue is soft, subtle yet versatile with veining patterns. This is how to recognize a marble sculpture or statue. However, some marble slabs are also available without the veining.

What is marble made of?

Hercules slay Nemean Lion outdoor sculptures

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Marble consists of a metamorphic rock made of recrystallized carbonate minerals (such as dolomite or calcite). Typically, marble is not foliated. However, there are some exceptions. In terms of geology, marble is known as metamorphosed limestone.

Why is marble used to make statues?

Marble lawn statuary of peasant girl

(Check out: Marble lawn statuary of peasant girl)

Here are some common reasons why marble is used for making statues:

1. Marble has a remarkable history with resistance to shattering

Since ancient times, white marble is used to make many stunning sculptures and statues due to its softness and resistance to shattering. Due to its low index of calcite refraction, light can easily penetrate the stone before being scattered out. This results in the ‘waxy' appearance that gives life to any marble statue. Even Michelangelo formed all the Renaissance sculptures with marble.

2. Marble is totally natural and highly durable

The trend to use less synthetic materials has never been stronger than 21st century. Since marble is a truly natural and beautiful stone with a strong reputation for durability, it is likely to last for hundreds of years without harming the environment.

3. Available in a variety of colors

Marble is available in a wide range of colors. Marble made with purest limestones is always white. Iron oxide impurities found in limestone can produce orange, yellow, pink, or red colors. Plus, the clay minerals can form gray colors that usually occur in bands. Furthermore, various bituminous materials can form dark gray to black marble hues. If marble contains serpentine, it will be in green color. So, it means that one can form stunning colorful marble statues using any colored marble of their choice.

4. Marble is easy to sculpt

Since marble is a soft material, it is very easy to sculpt. It means that the material is very easy to work with. Plus, it is easy to refine and polish as per your desire. Since a marble sculpture has a visual depth that goes beyond its surface, it evokes some realism when it is used for figurines.

5. Reasonable Price

While some marble forms are highly-priced, some easily available marbles are priced at affordable rates. The marble statue price will depend on the type of marble you have selected for sculpture.

What makes marble so famous?

Garden marble statuary of Greek warriors

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Marble is so famous worldwide due to its ability to widthstand harsh heat. It is the highest beauty option for various areas or outside your home. Now utilized all over the world, many people adore the versality of marble. Plus, its availability in ample color options and design patterns is another reason for its popularity worldwide.

When it comes to choosing a material for statues or sculptures, marble remains a top option for most homeowners. However, you need to look for the most experienced and trusted marble dealers to ensure you get the natural marble within your budget.

Marble Statue of Leonidas Sparta

(Check out: Marble Statue of Leonidas Sparta)

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