Beige color marble pillar

Beige color marble pillar with corinthian capital

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Beige color marble pillar

This stunning marble Corinthian pillar is uniquely designed to match the different interior and exterior designs. It looks eternally unique because of its artful capital with volutes with two rows of elaborate cornice and acanthus scroll leaves.

The Corinthian column capital style design is ideal to bring decorative yet aesthetic charm to any modern or traditional style house or building. The structure is astonishingly decorated with fluted shafts, capital ornaments flaring outward in the shape of bells, and other floral motifs. The height of the capitals is just right to provide proportionate tallness with a slenderer effect just like beautiful historic columns from the ancient era.


  •  Column - 05: Marble column overall height: 280cm
  •  Marble capital height: 35cm
  •  Marble pillar diameter: 35cm
  •  Marble column Base Height: 25cm