Custom stone lamp post with statue

Garden statue marble lamp post

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Custom marble statue lamp post

A gorgeous marriage of technology and artistic tradition, this stone lamp post is both visually striking and fully functional. The marble caryatid column’s depiction of a beautiful woman, eyes closed in peaceful thought, holding aloft the swirling floral light post adorned with a leafy motif is a magical image, and seeing the marble statue lighting itself in the dark of night is nothing short of fantastical. Like a beanstalk the lamp post itself grows into its shining electric bulbs (the human engineering version of bioluminescent flowers!) and it pools the marble woman in a bath of light from above. She cradles the stone lamp post like a child, eyes gently cast downward, the detailing on her flowing robes only possible thanks to hours of hard work from expert sculptors. Rarely have so many different eras, styles, and ideas converged so seamlessly.

Details of marble lamp post

  • Suggested height of the lamp post: 240cm
  • Custom marble statue on the pole
  • Marble pedestal can be custom made.
  • Material:White marble/white granite to choose from