Marble female sculpture lamp post

Garden statuar marble lamp post

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Stone lamp post

This stunning marble female sculpture lamp post is carved from high-quality bright red marble. The clothing details, facial expressions, and pose of the ladies appear very realistic, all thanks to the amazing skills of professional craftsmen.

Each female sculpture holds four light sources over its head and stands atop the black rectangular-shaped base. Such stone lamp post/marble lamp posts are often found in religious places, public places, and churches. This marble-carved western figure statue is also a great addition to home gardens.

Each piece is made by our talented designers. Pure marble is used to craft each lamp post. So, you can be assured of high quality, durability, and strength. Plus, the high-quality lighting fixtures are likely to last for a long duration.

Specification of stone light post

  • Material: Sunset red marble
  • Overall height of the marble female lamp post: 350cm
  • Marble female sculpture height: 200cm
  • Marble pedestal height: 80cm