Entrance hall marble pillars

Incredible Entrance hall white marble columns and granite columns

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Entrance hall white marble pillars

These are incredibly decorative entrance hall marble pillars to make your home stand out. These marble Corinthian capitals are best to overhaul the lost charm and elegance of your entryway and add an element of individuality to your entire home d├ęcor. The authentic Italian-style Entrance hall marble pillars feature top-quality artwork, which is hand sculpted to ensure accuracy. Whether you want to add them to your foyer or in the hallway, these columns will perfectly fit just about anywhere. You can contact us to customize the size.

Specification of Marble pillars

You can choose the material between marble or granite. With granite pillars, you can be assured of having them intact for generations without any cracks or scratches. The marble pillars' quality is also excellent will last for decades.

Size specifications

The overall height of the marble column with crown is 400cm. The overall dimension of the marble crown is 220cm L x 110cm W x 50cm H. However, its capital sizes 95cmL x 95cmW x 80cm H, and base sizes 75cmL x 7.5cmW x 30cmH. The diameter of the pillar (shaft) is 40cm.