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Garden statue marble lamp post

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Marble light post

With a timeless sense of character and elements from various traditions spanning back centuries and more, this statue light post could belong anywhere and brings a mysterious sense of gravitas to wherever it is placed. The delicately carved robes of the caryatid woman’s robes fall fluidly even though they are made of pure stone, and her arms stretch up and lean back over her head in a posture of utmost ease and grace. Her pedestal is engraved with a wondrously symmetrical floral design, and the different elements of the entire structure blend together seamlessly thanks to its pure stone composition, carved as always by hand from a whole block of real marble. Ideal for outdoor installation, the statue and its lights will shine bright down on your garden, home entrance, driveway, or any outdoor spot you can think to place it.

Details of marble lamp post

  • Suggested height of the lamp post: 240cm
  • Custom marble statue on the pole
  • Marble pedestal can be custom made.
  • Material: white marble/granite