Cylindrical marble pillar with corinthian capital

Cylindrical marble pillar with corinthian for entrance hall

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Entrance hall cylindrical marble column

The huge carved marble columns are sculpted with pure Egypt Beige marble. These include various intricate details on the top, base, and shaft. Hence, likely to make a great entry statement.

The exquisite patterns are hand-carved on the marble pillar base, as well as the beams. Each column is handcrafted by professional marble craftsmen. Besides that, each column has a stunning groove design that is popular in the Egyptian style. Hence, it will be a great addition to a contemporary garden area or home.

It can be customized in size and shape to meet the requirements of the homeowners. Each marble column is carved out of a pure marble, making it a marvelous decor element.

Specification of stone column

  • Material: Egyptian beige marble
  • Overall height of marble column: 350cm
  • Marble capital size: 100 * 100cm
  • Marble pillar diameter: 60cm
  • Marble column base height: 70cm.