marble statue lamp post

Garden statue marble lamp post

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statue light post

We may not always think of hand-carved marble sculptures as “functional,” but sometimes they can be! This beautiful lamp post statue is both wonderfully aesthetic and fully utilitarian. Its depiction of a graceful woman holding the light post aloft with a swirling plant stalk structure is a fantastical and surreal image, and seeing the marble statue lighting itself in the dark of night is a truly dazzling sight. The floral theme continues up to the base of the lamp bulbs, as if the lights have been fashioned wholly out of wildlife by some tremendous power, making the immaculately carved woman holding it aloft all the more mysterious: still, her calm demeanor conveys comfort and a kind of quiet wisdom, perfect for the sole figure in the spotlight of a light post.

Details of marble lamp post

  • Suggested height of the lamp post: 240cm
  • Custom marble statue on the pole
  • Marble pedestal can be custom made.
  • Material: White Marble