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Garden statue granite lamp post

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Granite lamp posst

Complex, multifaceted, and unforgettable, this vintage lamp post carved whole from real granite stone is a highly adaptable masterpiece that can be exhibited as a set, paired well with other stone sculptures, stand tall on its own, or thrive in any other presentation in between. Leaning unabashedly into the iconic Victorian style, while being built upon an even older and more cherished Greco-Roman tradition of stone sculpture, the lamp posts might even suggest a kinship to such a famous similar work like the one and only Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island. Notice the sheer number of different eras this granite piece draws from, and notice also how none of them clash or contradict, and how to a casual observer, the entire piece feels like a single, cohesive whole. Whether you have an eye for the arts or just want something nice to look at, this vintage lamp post hits all the marks.

Details of granite lamp post

  • Suggested height of the lamp post: 240cm
  • Custom marble statue on the pole
  • Marble pedestal can be custom made.
  • Material: white granite/white marble to choose from