Green marble pedestal and pilaster

Custom size green marble pilaster and pedestal

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Green marble column

The marvelous green outdoor pedestal and column is made of Empress green marble, designed to amp up the look of any property. Place this timeless marble pedestal on your patio, entryway, or any other outdoor area for extravagant impact.

The Overall height of the marble column is 120cm, and its diameter is 25cm

Marble pedestal

It features a fluted central shaft, surmounted with a square top and square base. The huge pedestal is in great condition with a whitish veining effect on the dark green backdrop. Its exceptional work is perfect for adding aesthetic charm into a luxury interior space. This will provide interest while still being a trendy building element. This marble pedestal is likely to become the focal point of any available area. And, it also gives a color palette that still looks neutral.