Marble Corinthian column

Beige Marble Corinthian tall column

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Marble Indoor Columna and garden column

Check out our Corinthian garden column carved on ancient Greek marble. The pillar column is pure elegance, sure to add a statement to your garden décor. The carefully engraved Greek style carving details make it an exceptional piece of art and stand it out from the rest of the décor elements in your house.

The garden column capital is decorated with scroll leaf. Its Corinthian style pedestal and base are hand sculpted very carefully to provide enticing appeal to the entire structure. The shaft of the Corinthian column has straight vertical patterns on it, making the whole structure look complete.

Details of mable column

About the dimensions of the pure marble Indoor and garden column, it has 280cm overall height. Its capital’s height is 35cm, and its shaft (pillar) is 35cm wide (diameter). The column base is 25cm in height. You also get the option of customizing it according to your space requirement. Buy Corinthian marble columns at a very affordable price range. Don’t worry about the quality, they are built to withstand all kinds of forces including seismic activities.