Paris of caryatid lamp post

Garden statue marble lamp post

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caryatid lamp post statue

Clicking a piece of modern technology cleanly into a time-honored artistic tradition, this pair of lamp post statues are both beautifully hand-carved as well as functional lights. Two matching caryatid columns depict graceful women holding the light posts aloft with thick leafy vines supporting the lamps: a mystical and surreal effect that will heighten the magic of any outdoor environment these statues are installed into. The plants seem to grow right up into the base of the lamp bulbs, as if the lights have been fashioned wholly out of wildlife by some mystical force. The women holding these plants and their lights are tranquil, seemingly deep in thought: what could someone with a grasp on such a marvelous natural contraption be pondering, standing outdoors in the light of their whimsical lamp post?

Details of marble lamp post

  • Suggested height of the lamp post: 240cm
  • Custom marble statue on the pole
  • Marble pedestal can be custom made.
  • Material:White marble/white granite to choose from