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Zen Marble Fountains

Marble water fountains are almost always decorative. Unless the fountain is specifically for drinking, there’s not likely to be much practical use for them…

Marble Fountain

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Marble water fountains are almost always decorative. Unless the fountain is specifically for drinking, there’s not likely to be much practical use for them… and in that case, the fountain’s water feature isn’t likely to be particularly spectacular or satisfying to look at. But the beautiful thing about water is that, no matter how dramatic or artistic the nature of the fountain—no matter how impractical and purely visual the fountain is in its function and design—the mind never forgets the connection between water and life.

What this means is that even the most ornate and beautiful marble fountain can make us feel physically relaxed and satisfied as if we have just quenched our thirst with a long, cool drink.

With that said, how far can this tranquil sensation be pushed with a marble water fountain? Modern marble fountains designed specifically to feel peaceful and relaxing are often called Zen fountains, referencing the popular branch of Buddhist philosophy that invokes personal insight, expression, and meditative peace of mind.

Zen water fountains are a genre of sculpture that seeks to bring about a similar peace of mind, both with beautiful marble stone visuals and with the soothing sights and sounds of running water, which connect with us on a deep, primal level and make us feel safe just as it did to our oldest ancestors settling on riverbanks and sleeping peacefully knowing their hunt for sustenance had been successful.

Marble Fountain

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One of the most universally soothing sensations is that of weightlessness. Gravity always seems to be fighting against us in our uphill battle for serenity, and seeing something float without a care can help us feel distanced from those worries. This magical modern marble fountain seems to rest on the air itself, pouring its tinkering water feature out from nothing, and the effect is truly mesmerizing.

See the smooth, flattened shaped stones pouring the water stream like a series of little basins into the pebble pond below, all contained within a fashioned stone bowl and underlit with a tastefully small electric light that illuminates the whole thing with a subtle magic. You could watch this modern marble fountain forever, and feel your worries drip away!

Marble Fountains

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A beautiful system of concentric stone circles, this grooved modern marble fountain glimmers and shines in satisfying rings as the water glazes its gentle ridges. Carved perfectly from nero marquina marble, this piece of solid natural stone is a stunning testament to the talent of the sculptor.

The glass-like smoothness of the stone’s surface makes the water glide across it in thin, glistening curtains, drawing the eye in with their perfect movements.

Marble Fountains

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As far as satisfyingly perfect geometric forms go, it doesn’t get much better than a classic marble sphere fountain, with its water feature peeking playfully from the top of the ball and running down the edge in the most gentle of liquid sheets. This iconic design has been a mainstay for decades, and it’s all because of the hypnotic sense of movement and the tranquility that it offers for the enjoyer

Benefitting from modern sculpting technology and methods, this modern marble fountain’s stone sphere can be as large or small, as smoothly rounded or roughly hewn as you want, thanks to our fully customizable options. But one thing that stays consistent is the relaxation and stillness that comes with the gently lapping water. That is what Zen is about.

Marble Fountains

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A critical technique used in creating the relaxing natural aesthetics of Zen fountains is the combination of real elemental movement (such as that of water and light) with expertly crafted facsimiles brought painstakingly to life by an artist.

For example, this beautiful ocean wave pattern table-style water fountain has both an immaculately conceived wave pattern carved directly into the solid stone, along with, of course, the actual water feature itself, which gleams and streams around the shape of the carved stone to truly bring the image of the crashing sea to life. To watch the sea is one of the most indelible human pleasures around the world, and this modern marble fountain brings it all home.

Marble Fountains

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A pair of noble stone pillars flank a cliff-like backdrop with this modern marble water fountain. What sets this fountain apart from the others are its lights: electric lighting placed directly into the stone basins of the water feature give the fountain an ethereal and mysterious look, and makes it seem magical and, above all, peaceful.

Watching the interplay between the running water and the shimmering lights can be a fully enchanting experience, and passing the hours with this beautiful fountain can make the worries of your day feel distant and manageable.

Marble Fountains

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One quality you may have been picking up on with all of these Zen fountain designs is relative simplicity: the straightforward beauty of a small waterfall, or a curtain of water sliding easily across a smooth stone surface.

But that’s not always the case! Looking at this intricate maze fountain can melt away your troubles just as much as any waterfall or ocean wave, especially since there’s no head-scratching or problem-solving involved: simply watch gravity take over and the water will find its way on its own!

Few things in life are more important than inner peace and stillness. When life feels overwhelming, the ancient spirituality that gave rise to Zen philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life, including interior design and the art of sculpture.
These philosophies can take a lifetime to fully understand, but for now, simply enjoying the natural beauty of a well-constructed modern stone fountain built from the practiced hands of a passionate sculptor can get us surprisingly close to a peaceful state of mind

Choose carefully, customize your selection to your heart’s content, and then enjoy the simple pleasures of natural stone and running water, all wrapped up in the intricate works of a dedicated artist, and feel your troubles flow gently away with a modern marble fountain!

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