Modern Fountain:water ripple fountain

Modern fountain|Customzied natural stone fountain for sale

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Details of Modern fountain

An elegant merging of abstract artistry and stony naturalism, this unique water ripple fountain is the perfect example of how a small and modern design can reflect the landscape of its setting. It’s easy to forget that this is solid stone we are looking at, the way the rippling waves are so precisely carved into its surface, but this is the epitome of landscape design: blending the natural and artificial through pure human craftsmanship.

Marble Small Modern Fountain

  • Material:nero marquina marble
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

This small modern fountain can be placed anywhere in your landscape, and the ideas and possibilities are endless! Whether the sculpture is set among naturally flowing water, among foliage, or even out in the open, the fountain’s subtle running water effects add a glimmer of motion and texture to wherever it is placed.