River rock fountains with Yin Yang surface

Yin-yang stone fountain|Customzied natural stone fountain for sale

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Details of Yin Yang surface granite fountain

Shimmering water glazes the slick surface of this Yin Yang stone fountain, whittled compellingly into a figure 8 to maximize its structural theme of duality and balance. Constructed painstakingly from natural stone and river rock, granite fountain features a modern design boasting a rugged variety of minimalism and using it elegantly to promote its running garden water feature, which further blends the fountain into its garden environment.

River rock fountains with Yin Yang surface

  • Material:black basalt
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

Despite this abundance of master craftsmanship (or rather because of it), the stone fountain’s yin yang surface easily resembles the river rock from which it was created. Rarely has a fountain with such a modern design retained the naturalism of its stone and the grace of the garden it is placed in.