Modern Fountain:Ocean's wave stone table fountain

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ocean's wave pattern table water fountain

This live edge black marble rectangular fountain table will be the highlight of your backyard as soon as you place it there. Carved from a huge block of natural black marble, this water feature has a distinct charm about it that makes it elegant and astoundingly beautiful. The huge block has the water fountain on one end and a circular marble rising on the other as if to compensate for the round dug-out fountain space. It has sharp white veining running through and ocean's wave pattern, giving it a quaint appearance and appeal.

Modern rectangular fountain table

  • Material:nero marquina marble
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

You can confidently incorporate this water piece in both your indoors and outdoors. The modern design fountain has roughly carved sides and a shiny, smoothly polished surface. As this piece is slightly bigger, it is wise to choose it for large or medium size gardens or backyards. If you have a small garden and want to add this fountain there, you can have this feature custom-made to accommodate your spatial needs.