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Step by step guide to keep your large outdoor fountain running all the time

Large outdoor fountains are fantastic accessories for adding a bit of whimsy and wonder to any exterior space.

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Large outdoor fountains are fantastic accessories for adding a bit of whimsy and wonder to any exterior space. Especially with a Natural stone fountain like marble fountain, you can never fail to amuse spectators. They come in such a varied category of styles, types, and designs that everyone can find the best suit for their outdoor space.

The calming sound of moving water from a large outdoor marble fountain helps to alleviate anxiety and gives a calming feel that nobody wants to turn off. But is that right to leave your water fountain on all the time? Even if you could, what care your fountain requires to function last longer in your yard or patio? In this article, we will resolve all the concerns of so many folks who want to keep their fountain running 24 ×7. Know how you can do that guilt-free following some important fountain maintenance tips.

We have a step wise guide that you can follow in case you are planning to run your fountain all the time.

Step 1 - Check the water level

You need to check the water level in your fountain pump. Make sure it never runs low. Low water levels or no water in your fountain pump can damage your pump or other components inside. Whenever you notice your fountain is running low, refill it to the correct level that is mentioned in the instruction book.

Step 2 - Use filter before water run into the pipe.

You need to run your small and large outdoor stone fountain on filtered water that has all contaminants and minerals removed. Using purified water is the best way to prevent algae, rust, and debris that build up inside the water pump the water feature.

Step 3 - Remove algae and dust and debris

Clean your water pump and entire fountain occasionally or at least before planning to run it all the time. Once the fountain is completely drained of water, clean it thoroughly using a damp cloth. If you encounter particularly stubborn build-up, algae, and muck, scrub it off using a soft-bristled toothbrush and vinegar or soap.

Step 4- Keep your fountain running all the time

Experts suggest that you should keep your small or large outdoor fountains on all the time as it prolongs the life of the pump.

Should I leave my fountain on all the time?

Yes; Now if you want; you can keep your water fountain running all the time. Water fountains are meant to run 24 ×7. You don’t need to turn your water fountain off. Just ensure your water pump or pond has enough water stored for assigned hours.

Can I turn my water fountain off for specific hours?

Yes, you can. However, moving water is necessary for every water feature whether it is natural or manmade. Keeping your water fountain off for a long time can build up algae, and accumulate grime on its surfaces and inside the pump. Switching off your fountain is not ideal. It can damage the pump partially or completely.

Do water pumps in fountains use a lot of electricity?

Fountain pumps are designed to use very little electricity. Most large outdoor fountains use the same amount of energy as a small lamp. You will not notice any visible amount of rise in your electricity bill after installing a fountain in your outdoor area.

stone fountain

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