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Difference between natural stone fountain and cast stone fountain?

A Guide to help you to decide the material of the garden fountain

Difference between natural stone fountain and cast stone fountain?

Although many advances have been made in the creation of cast stone, yet there is no comparison to the beauty, longevity, durability, and value of natural stone. Due to this reason, natural stone fountains likely to last much longer than any faux stone or cast stone fountain. While selecting large marble fountains to install around your property, natural stone and cast stone are the most popular choices. However, before finalizing the one material, it is important to know what they are, and what makes one better than the other.

What is a natural stone fountain?

Natural stone fountains are made from products quarried from the earth’s crust. These products include marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, sandstone, and others. Natural stone has been used for thousands of years as a material for the construction of buildings or decorative enhancements, like fountains, statues, etc.

What is a cast stone fountain?

Cast stone fountains are curated from cast molds that look like naturally cut stones. The cast stones in outdoor fountain designs are made to replicate naturally aged stones via the time-tested and age-old processes.

What are the differences between the natural stone fountain and cast stone fountain?

Here are certain differences between natural stone fountains and cast stone fountain:

1. Environmental Conditions

Most cast stone manufacturers claim that their products meet the highest quality standards and can withstand thaw and freeze cycles. They often don’t tell you that these tests are done for a very small-time cycle compared to what most fountains would bear in just one season. Just imagine how many times an outdoor fountain would thaw or freeze in one day if temperatures are on an extreme level. It must also be noted that even natural stones are vulnerable to damage caused by freezing conditions in winters. But they remain intact in warm weather conditions. Limestone is a porous material that absorbs moisture. Due to this, it causes damage to the material due to freezing temperatures. Travertine has natural air pockets within its surface and it could lead to structural problems if water collects in these pockets and freeze. Even marble is vulnerable to damage if they have too many veins. Therefore, marble with fewer veins is preferred for outdoor fountains.

2. Colors, Textures, and Uniformity

We agree that modern techniques can create cast stone fountains in unbelievable colors and textures. These unique patterns and hues are the result of different pigments and ground stone mixtures. However, there is no substitute for the aesthetics of large marble fountains. Over hundreds of years of heat, pressure, and water exposure give natural stones a unique aesthetic and composition that’s difficult to replicate by cast stone. Natural stones like sandstone and limestone have a steady texture and uniform color that’s easy to replicate. But other natural stones, like marble, onyx, and travertines are hard to replicate due to their unique and uneven pattern.

3. Detail and Complexity

Besides durability concerns, cast stone cannot yield similar details you see in a natural stone. There is so much complexity and detail in a natural stone. So, a cast stone made in a mold cannot mimic every minute detail and complexity of a natural stone. After reading all the differences, you now know that it’s best to invest in a natural stone fountain. It is because a natural stone fountain will last you a lifetime. While cast stone fountain is a less pricey alternative, the cons of its longevity and durability are disappointing. So, save yourself from the trouble and choose the natural stone fountain for your property.

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