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How to restore bronze statue | A complete guide

No matter you have recently installed a bronze statue or have one inside/outside your house for quite some time, it's essential to keep it in the best possible condition.

Bronze Statue

No matter you have recently installed a bronze statue or you have one inside/outside your house for quite some time, it's essential to keep it in the best possible condition. Understanding how to thoroughly clean a bronze statue will aid in prolonging its authentic look.

Bronze Statue

(Check out: Warrior wielding a bow bronze statue)

It is important to keep bronze statue clean. So, the authentic form and intricate details of the sculpture do not get damaged from oxidation, dust accumulation, or corrosion.

Bronze Statue

(Check out: Bronze statue of invisible man)

Many people are not aware of how to clean bronze statues and how to remove oxidation from them. The procedure can be done using household agents, such as baking soda or lemon juice. It is best to use the ingredient that's already available in your household or easily available in a store near you.

Bronze Statue

(Check out: Bronze statue of horse head)

Besides that, you can even use a commercial cleaning agent for bronze along with vacuuming or dusting the indoor or outdoor bronze sculptures or fountains. However, it is best to consult the manufacturer before using any commercial cleaning agent on your bronze statue.

How to Keep Your Outdoor Bronze Statue in Good Condition?

Outdoor Bronze Statue

Usually, the outdoor bronze statues are likely to lose their original shine due to the sun’s rays, precipitation, and dust accumulation. If you know the proper way of cleaning bronze statue, the sculpture will instantly regain its original appearance.

Bronze Statue

(Check out: Bronze sculpture of dancer in three bronze color)

After dusting, you can apply a clear wax layer all over your bronze statue. This procedure can be applied once or twice a year. You can get clear wax from hardware, home goods, or auto supply stores near you. Also, check the label to ensure the product contains no harsh chemicals that can alter the authentic finish of bronze.

After application, the bronze statue will gleam and also remain protected from environmental elements until another application is done.

Bronze Statue

(Check out: Bronze statue of riverside nude girl)

How to restore bronze statue?

In case, your bronze statue has aged or oxidized, it can be restored to its original finish in the following steps:

  1. Wear cotton gloves before restoring the bronze statue. It will protect bronze from oils present in your fingers. Unless you have waxed the bronze statue to protect it, always put on gloves while handling this metal. It will prevent it from corrosion.
  2. Use a soft cloth for wiping the bronze surface while removing dust from the surface. It ensures the surface is dust-free before the restoration process.
  3. Now, rub mineral spirits over the bronze statue for removing grease present on its surface. Use a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion all over the surface. Also, wrap a toothpick in a tiny portion of the cloth for easily getting into crevices. After that, wipe the surface dry.
  4. You can even mix powdered chalk with denatured alcohol. After the formation of a thick paste, take some on a clean cloth and rub it over the bronze surface. It will polish the metal surface and remove slight corrosion. Rub the paste in a buffing motion. You may need to do various applications, as per the oxidation level on the bronze surface.
  5. Now, wipe off the residual paste and dry this metal carefully with a clean cloth. Rub metal wax on the surface using a soft cloth. This wax will freeze with the bronze finish and also prevent it from further oxidation.

How to Maintain Bronze Statue’s Finish?

Other than to dust the bronze statue at least once a week. As too much dust can damage the bronze finish, it is important to maintain it regularly. Use a soft cloth for dusting the metal statue. If your statue is outdoors, it is likely to lose its shiny appearance due to sun rays, dust, and precipitation on the metal surface. Therefore, indulge in regular maintenance of the bronze statue by following the mentioned steps in the next blog: How to maintain your bronze statue? You can also consult a professional bronze statue provider for better assistance.

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