Bronze statue of goblin

Playful life-size garden bronze statue of goblin

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Bronze statue of goblin

This playful bronze statue of goblin character looks like he came from your garden already, without even being purchased and put there. The large mouth of this happy bronze statue and tiny eyes give him a magical, surreal quality without diminishing a familiar childlike sense of curiosity and enthusiasm, and his ragtag clothes and cap suggest the carefree life of a forest sprite who doesn’t have to worry about common human burdens like work or aging. Here, the inherent nature of the bronze sculpting material is used artistically: the natural oxidization of the copper metal in the bronze alloy creates the familiar green hue, which in this case was ingeniously used to create the little imp’s clothing.

Decorate your backyard with bronze statue

The imp’s personality shines bright through the alloy: mischievous, unpredictable, but lovable and happy-go-lucky, and surely a protector of nature and a friend to plants. This Goblin bronze statue sits perched on a giant snail—or is he himself very small? Snails have long been a traditional theme for metal and ceramic figures and trinkets. They are attractive to designers for their beautiful, yet geometrically regular, shells, and for the stark contrast of their soft, fluid bodies with the tough durability of the shell. Together, the bronze goblin and the snail create a perfect alternative to the more common garden gnome figure!