Bronze sculpture of dancer in three bronze color

This bronze statue of dancer also works as a fountain faucet

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Dancing lady bronze sculpture

The various colors in the bronze statue figures are subtle but unmistakable, and each conveys a slightly different mood. As the bronze metals get brighter, the character of the bronze dancer changes, becoming more ethereal, otherworldly, and serene. The darker color might be more grounded and natural, while the brighter color has a surreal, dreamlike quality. The one in the middle is the best of both worlds. But across all of the variations of this figure, certain elements shine through: the dancer’s face is relaxed, eyes closed comfortably, her hands dangling with arms outstretched in a combination of carefree whimsy and controlled physical grace. There is a feeling of calmness, serenity, and meditative self-care inherent through the woman’s dace, and even though the sculpture isn’t moving, we can still feel the motion, and the emotion, of the dancer’s movements.

Bronze statue of dancer fountain faucet

This special design bronze statue dancers are also work as fountain faucet, water could flow from the line of thign and form a beautiful umbrella shape water dress. At the same time, The design of these fountain brozen statues are very modern. The bronze statue dancer’s posture is a combination of exterior audience—us, watching her move and enjoying the art of her performance—and interior self-expression—the dancer’s closed eyes and calm facial expression suggest this dance is as much for her as it is for us, and she may very well be dancing alone in the scene being depicted.