Warrior wielding a bow bronze statue

A garden bronze sculpture of an Indian warrior wielding a bow

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Garden bronze statue of warrior

Shifting gears for a moment, This Indian Warrior bronze statue is a very abstract depiction of a great warrior wielding a bow to match. He holds out his lean arm, his muscles sleek and sinewy instead of the bulky kind of bodybuilder’s physique often used to depict such figures, and his bronze bow seems to be almost as large as he is. The face of this bronze statue is steady and focused: a surface of stoicism underneath which boils a multitude of emotions, such as pride, determination, ambition, and confidence. But the piece’s most obvious element is its intentionally incomplete design. On the surface, it is a clever mimicry of the natural decay of a whole, completed sculpture: aesthetic aging is a common technique for many different kinds of art, from book covers to fashion.

Custom size bronze sculpture of warrior

But the meaning goes deeper than that: this is about finding beauty in imperfection, and emphasizing the most recognizable elements of the figure in question. Perhaps this bronze statue warrior was wounded, and the bronze sculpture seeks to acknowledge his defeat while keeping his strength intact. Or maybe it’s a reference to the decay of the person’s legacy, where many details are lost in time, but the reputation remains. The way the man’s body is positioned with the bow, without his other limbs, he appears to become the arrow itself, as if it is he who will be shot forward, as a symbol of power and motion.