Bronze statue of invisible man

Replica of creative art work working man bronze sculpture

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Bronze statue of disappearing working man

The time-honored archetype of the indomitable working man is given the bronze treatment with this unique sculpture that combines realistic and abstract techniques to tell a whole story of its own. This bronze statue of invisible man is a replica of work from French artist Bruno Catalano.The bronze sculpture is decaying, as large parts of it are missing, but the whole shape is still unmistakable, and the human mind will automatically fill in the missing pieces. The bronze statue invisible man may be tired and threadbare, but through all the hardships, he stays true and retains his sense of self, much like the sculpture itself. Additionally, the oxidized green coloration of the bronze alloy adds to the effect of weariness, while also displaying strength: a perfect illustration of the character on display.

Custom your own bronze statue size

The bronze statue man’s clothing is simple: a plain jacket over a wrinkled shirt, all looking quite worn just as he himself is. His slacks and his bag are no more luxurious, and the deep creases and shadows of his face seem to have been etched by life itself. Still, he stand with his back straight and shoulders mostly squared (a bit of a hunch is inevitable regardless of his high levels of fortitude) and his face grizzled with a mature shadow, too busy or tired to shave daily, his slightly receding hairline leading to a thick mane of hair casually tossed to one side, seemingly more to keep it out of his face than anything. These details of this bronze statue are rendered so well that you might periodically forget that almost a third of the sculpture has actually been removed: this, of course, is all part of the effect, and helps the viewer attach to and sympathize with the character instantly, on a deeper, more primal level.