Bronze statue of riverside nude girl

brozen sculpture of a nude young girl sitting beside a river

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Custom bronze statue for fountain

This singular bronze sculpture of young girl on the river side stands out as exceptional for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the way that it demands integration with its environment: the placement and setting of this bronze sculpture is as critical as the techniques and elements featured in its design. It would be perfect for streams and fountains, as the woman’s foot is clearly meant to be dipped into a body of water. Her permanent position on the cusp of exploration will inspire viewers to go forth and look closer at the world around them, no matter how long the bronze statue has sat there!

Outdoor garden bronze sculpture

The maiden of this brozen statue is careful, yet adventurous. The woman supports her weight on her hands, cautiously controlling her body and ready to pull back if needed… yet her focus is clearly forward, and the look on her face is of calm and optimistic anticipation. It’s a gentle kind of excitement, and there is little doubt that she will find the water to her taste when she finally steps in. And once again we see the bronze sculpting materials in a solid brown color, with no stylized oxidation, which helps it convincingly blend into the natural earth and rocks of an authentic outdoor setting. Imagine the woman’s foot warping and warbling with the passing water of a nice little stream, the dark brown of her metal skin set against a lush green backdrop of an outdoor garden or the forest of your backyard or estate.