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How to decide on the size of a marble garden fountain?

Tips about deciding on the right size of a beautiful garden fountain for your backyard

How to decide on the size of the marble garden fountain

Want to create a soothing ambiance around your home? You can’t do it better without some large garden fountains around. Along with adding elegance and appeal to your space, they put you at ease, relax your mind after a tiring day at work, and in case you are a nature admirer, you will love the fact how they attract beautiful birds and other small exotic species in your yard.

Don’t go without selecting the right size

In case you are in a process of installing large garden fountains in your yard, and you can’t hold the excitement, hang on! There is still one thing after the design of the fountain that you can’t overlook without giving that a deep thought. It is the size of the fountain. Determining the size of your fountain which is the best fit for space is a tricky chore. However, it is the most significant finding that will lead you on the path of picking your perfect outdoor water feature. Here are the tips to keep in mind while choosing a suitable size for your large garden fountains.

Measure you space before deciding on a Large garden Fountain

You need to examine the space where you are going to place the water fountain. The size of the fountain needs to be in sync with the size of the garden or patio, or wherever you are planning to install a stone water fountain. A large patio will be able to accommodate a large fountain. In case you are planning to have the fountain in your garden and space is not a constraint for you, it is advisable to go in for a natural stone, limestone, and marble fountain. You could also consult a Newhomestone service staff, they would give you the suggestion base on your space and their experience.

Consider the weight of large garden fountains

If you have decided to have the fountain in the patio you need to ensure a lightweight fountain since your patio might not be able to hold the weight of a heavy stone fountain. A marble fountain with fiberglass as the additional support in the fountain body amply supported on the patio with concrete or heavy wooden blocks will be a good bet. You can also go with cast stone water fountains, as they are less bulky than stone ones and offer a very natural look.

Get in touch with a professional fountain supplier

If you are not confident about the material and the size of the fountain you would install, get in touch with a professional fountain supplier. A promising natural stone garden fountain company – Newhomestone will send in a stone expert to your property to measure the dimensions, fittings, and material that will add most to the ambiance of your garden. They will customize your fountain according to your space and design taste preferences.

Property Type plays a major role

A commercial property like a Mall, hotel, or office needs to have a large fountain to make a statement about the grandeur of the place. An open space inside a hotel with a grand large garden fountain will surely be a style statement for the hotel and increase its ambiance worth and popularity. In a residential property, a medium-sized garden fountain will surely add to the relaxing, soothing, and stress buster environment garden fountains are known for.

Garden fountains are available in all many shapes and almost any size. They can be customized according to the space offered by you. A large garden fountain will essentially add to the luxury, grandeur, and ambiance of your garden.

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