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How to determine the diameter of a tiered water fountain?

A guide to decide the right diameter of a tiered water fountain

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There is no doubt in the elegance and beauty that an outdoor fountain brings into a given landscape. But there are so many technicalities involved when it comes to selecting and installing the right water fountain for your home. And, for many, it’s unfamiliar territory. After all, how do choose the right one with various fountains available in the market? Another important factor is to decide the right diameter of a tiered water fountain.

To make things easier for you, we have answered a few questions for you.

1. How large you want your outdoor fountain to spray?

There are three major factors to determine when choosing a water fountain. You have to select the place where you want to install a fountain. After that, you have to decide how large or small a fountain you require for the available space. Also, determine the height of your water spray. The water pressure even needs to achieve that height. A pump that works in the peak efficiency curve while meeting the fountain’s operation criteria is best for an outdoor pump.

2. How to determine the diameter of the tiered fountain?

marble fountain
  1. Determine the fountain’s volume. Also, calculate the volume by measuring its width, length, and depth in feet. Multiply all these numbers together. After that, multiply the result by 7.47 for getting the exact number of gallons your fountain can hold.

  2. Measure the height of your tiered fountain. You have to measure it from the fountain’s bottom to the spot over water. It will be the maximum height of a fountain.

  3. Now, measure the maximum diameter you want water spray to hit. The water must fall within the tiers and not outside. You have to measure the diameter of each tier. It will ensure water drops within the diameter of each tier of your 3-tier fountain.

3. How far will water spray from a fountain’s maximum spray height?

Any water spray is a result of the distance water drops to return to the fountain. The longer the distance, the more likely water is likely to spill over the side. At first glance, a surround seems bigger to contain spillage. But the fact is that it may not be of the proper size. Also, consider the splash factor of a fountain.

To determine the splash factor, you have to measure the distance at which water falls to return to the fountain. You have to compare this to the distance travelled by water to the edge of the fountain’s surround. The distance of the tiered fountain surround must be higher than the height of the water drops to the fountain.

4. Will your fountain include multiple tiers?

If a fountain has three or more tiers, it needs additional pumps. Some fountains even need additional water lines for feeding water to tiers. For smaller tiers, you can minimize spray by angling spitters towards the fountain. It will cause falling water to hit a fountain at an angle instead of vertically. This way, splashing is also reduced.

For more information and queries, ask the fountain experts to help you select the right diameter for your tiered fountain.

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