Marble shiva statue

Custom Marble shiva statue with vivid carving details

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Custom Marble shiva statue

Here, the Lord Shiva statue is hand-carved using the premium quality Beijing white marble. The stunning marble Shiva statue is a perfect decoration item for homes and offices.

Shiva statue is enormous and sits in meditation form. The intricate details show Shiva wearing a piece of cloth on the bottom. He is also wearing a few pieces of jewelry and a large cobra is wrapped around his neck. On the head, you can see a figurine of Ganga flowing from the topknot of his hair. There is also a crescent moon on one side of his topknot. The long tresses are further running from this head till shoulders.

Extra large white marble shiva sculpture

This entire marble statue is hand carved from one piece of white marble. The supreme gold of divine protection can be made in a variety of sizes as per the customer’s wish. You can place an order for this divine statue, depending on the area where you want to install it.