Marble statue of Lord Ganesha

Hand-carved white marble statue of Lord Ganesha

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Custom Marble sculpure of Lord Ganesha

Let your loved ones know about your strong faith in Lord Ganesha with this stunning white marble statue. This stunning Lord Ganesha marble statue is made from premium quality Beijing white marble and further handcrafted with intricate details.

From head to toe, you can see amazing works of art by our artisans. The Lord Ganesha statue features a detailed crown on the head of the supreme god. Even the ears and trunk are designed with perfection. The four hands of Ganesha are in different forms - either in meditative positions or holding some object. The beauty of the entire stature is in its details - be it the design of jewelry or the folds of the clothes that seem to fall so naturally on this statue.

Large stone statue of Lord Ganesha

You can place this beautiful god-figurine in a habitable calm area for forming a connection while adding positive vibes into your home/office. Furthermore, it is available in any size as per the desire of the buyer.