Modern Fountain:modern millstone fountains

Modern fountain|Customzied natural stone modern bird bath/fountain

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Details of Modern Rock bird bath

Pleasantly round and gentle in a way that evokes a small bulbous flower bud, or a delectable bite-sized sweet, this modern millstone birth bath fountain does an incredible amount of artistic work with a deceptively simple design. At its core, it is a straightforward bowl cut into the surface of a natural boulder stone (hence making it a “boulder fountain), but the bowl itself is serrated and composed of several layers of shelf-like levels.

modern bird bath fountain

  • Material:nero marquina marble
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

These smooth notches not only make the bird bath design more dynamic and modern, but it also provides a more robust channel for the fountain’s running water, which, instead of sliding down a single smooth surface, instead gets broken up into a series of tiny waterfalls.