Modern Fountain:rock fountain with water ripple pattern

Modern fountain|Customzied rock fountain with water ripple pattern for sale

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Details of rock fountain with water ripple pattern

Sleek and polished, but also benefitting from a rustic naturalism, this black rock boulder fountain seems like it could be one geological coincidence away from being an amazing rock formation you would happen to see in nature. But a closer look will reveal the true depth of the design’s artistry and skill. Its polished surface and cleverly engineered running water feature exist at the core of what makes these natural stone fountains so compelling

Marble black rock fountains

  • Material:natural stone
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain, rustic outdoor fountain

its singular greatest feature must be the ripple pattern carefully engraved on the polished surface of the black stone: three spiraling patterns, seemingly woven within or on top of each other, that seem to animate and come to life under the light of the stone fountain’s water feature.