Modern Fountain:black granite square fountain

Modern fountain|Customzied black granite square fountain for sale

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Details of Modern black stone water feature

This modern square water fountain can’t be described as anything less than stunning. The black granite stone from which it is wrought has been meticulously shaped into an amazing water canal feature that takes full advantage of modern design aesthetics and stone smithing technology, while the granite stone itself is wholly natural, timeless, and mined straight from the earth for an unforgettable outdoor fountain display.

Marble Square Modern Fountain

  • Material:nero marquina marble
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

The square fountain is inset with a perfectly round sink that the canal drains its water into, displaying timeless elements of the classic Japanese style of stone fountains in a polished modern context, all wrapped up in the effortless beauty of a hefty black granite square, all crafted to utmost perfection for an outdoor fountain design.