Modern Fountain: natural millstone fountain

Modern fountain|Customzied natural millstone fountain for sale

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Details of natural millstone fountain

A sleek and swirling canal is carved into the crown of this natural millstone fountain, providing a beautiful running water feature for your patio or garden. A deceptively simple modern design, the stone fountain rough exterior couples with its smooth, hand carved water feature like a waterfall cleaving cleanly through an ancient canyon: indeed, aside from scale of course, is there any difference between the two?

Marble Small Modern Fountain

  • Material:absolutely black granite
  • Size:Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

The waterfall runs naturally down a tiered decline along the millstone surface, its gleaming light reflecting off the water itself and the shiny black stone that it has been so painstakingly carved into, making the two elements seem even more in sync than ever before. The beautiful stone craftsmanship and its simple water feature is the apex of modern design aesthetics that is perfect for your garden.