Modern Fountain:River rock fountain with polished surface

Modern fountain|Customzied natural stone fountain for sale

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Modern design boulder fountain

One of the most intriguing design trends for modern stone fountains is the boulder design. This river rock fountain, carved from real natural stone as always, retains the rugged crags of the boulder from which it gets its name, but on its crown where the water flows and the careful craftsmanship and artistry really comes into play, it has been polished to a finely perfected glass-like surface, as if it is less a natural stone and more like a fresh fruit that has been cleanly cleaved with a knife in the kitchen.

Marble Small stone water feature

  • Material:black marble
  • Size: Custimzed
  • Product category: marble fountain

The rock fountain’s modern design capitalizes on this jagged/smooth duality for its attractive water feature to work at its fullest aesthetic capacity. It is truly a striking and functional work of art.