Bronze Sculpture of Jesus's crucifixion

Bronze statue of Jesus on the cross

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Bronze statue of Jesus Christ

Another depiction of Jesus Christ, this gleaming bronze figure is even more iconic and recognizable throughout the world, depicting one of the absolute most famous and influential scenes in all of human culture: his brutal crucifixion, a scene as difficult and uncomfortable as it is powerful and moving. This particular bronze statue of Jesus on the cross comes with one particularly striking omission: the cross itself. It can be displayed anywhere, whether on your wall without a crucifix, or even perhaps on an existing one you already own and wish to adorn with this legendary figure.

Bronze statue of holy Jesus

The image of Jesus on the cross is one of the most famous in the world, and this immaculate bronze figure illustrates what makes it such a memorable moment: it combines the grounded physical frailty of the crucifixion, with the emaciation and suffering that Jesus went through, and combines it with a transcendent feeling of unlimited strength and perseverance. The ecstasy of martyrdom is clear to see on every inch of the figure, and the sculptor captures it here for all time, joining the legions of artists drawn to capturing this famous moment.