Garden bronze statue of fishing boy

Custom bronze sculpure of a fishing boy

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Bronze statue of fishing boy

Most of the brozen sculptures we have looked at have used the green “discoloration” of bronze to achieve a certain visual effect, but this brozen statue of a young boy on his way to the local fishing hole is wholly untarnished bronze, golden-brown and polished to a pure shine, much like the wholesome mind of the figure being portrayed, and of the simple, untroubled scene the character is being captured in. Bouncing lightly on bare feet, bronze fishing rod slung over one shoulder, the boy seems to look directly at us, regarding the viewer with a childlike curiosity, head tilted. His pant legs are rolled all the way up to his knees, the better for wading through the shallows, and his clothes are simple, light, and prime for a trek through the forest.

Custom your own bronze statue size

This bronze statue fishing boy is depicted alone, the only figure in the scene, with no parents to accompany him on his small adventure to the creek for a day of fishing: a story of a different era, likely to be unfamiliar with modern children. He harkens back to a bygone era, captured most famously by the legendary writer Mark Twain, and the sculpture may very well refer to the young American hero Tom Sawyer, or his equally well-known friend, the adventurous Huckleberry Finn. Both young men are emblematic of a very iconic time and place in American history and art.