Statue of Roaring lion in pair; marble lion;

Stone lions in front of house

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Stone lion statue

Stone lions in front of house

Standing proud side by side, subtly distinctive even as a pair, these roaring marble lion statues are among the most recognizable motifs in the visual arts, and now they can stand guard in front of your house! The gentle undertones of the hibiscus pink marble can’t distract from the incredible detail and scope of this roaring pair of lion statues, nor do their handsomely carved plinths as they stand shoulder to shoulder, sentinels for whatever property they have been commissioned to watch over. The matching statues are passionately wrought from lowkey hibiscus pink marble, which is able to combine many subtle shades: the hibiscus seems cream-colored on its surface, but it is the undertones which show the pink, catching the light in a way that is easy to miss, but impossible to forget if the effect is removed.

Marble Lion statue details

  • Material: Hibiscus pink marble
  • Marble Bulk Density (kg/m3): 2610
  • Marble Water Absorption: 0.14
  • Marble Flexural Strength: 15.3
  • Hand-crafted from solid marble blocks
  • Marble surface: Polished & Waxed.
  • Height of the marble statue: 47-1/4" (120cm)
  • Length of the marble statue: 71" (180cm)
  • Statues are suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Width of the marble lion statue: 32" (80cm)
  • Element: Hand-carved statue from natural marble/granite
  • Marble pedestal could be customzied in height and width.
  • Other colours of marble and dimensions customization are available.
Stone lion sculpture
Large lion statue