Lion king statue

lion king stone statue, Custom sitting lion statue

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Stone lion statue

sitting lion statue

The king of the jungle and his ambitious young prince bare their fangs in solidarity in this classic stone lion statue. The lion king and his cub jump out from a solid block of pure Hunan white marble, its gentle cream hues accentuating the seemingly endless detail and craftsmanship on display with glinting reflections and subtle stone textures, and likewise, the matching pedestal is smoothly wrought and feels like a completion of the sitting lion statue, as opposed to an addition. The lion holds his little one securely with one massive paw almost the size of the cub, and it seems that the cub is peeking out from within his father’s mane: there are few displays of power more striking than the warm, gentle kind of strength shown by a parent towering protectively over their child.

Marble Lion statue details

  • Material: hunan white marble
  • Marble Bulk Density (kg/m3): 2610
  • Marble Water Absorption: 0.14
  • Marble Flexural Strength: 15.3
  • Hand-crafted from solid marble blocks
  • Marble surface: Polished & Waxed.
  • Height of the marble statue: 47-1/4" (120cm)
  • Length of the marble statue: 71" (180cm)
  • Statues are suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Width of the marble lion statue: 32" (80cm)
  • Element: Hand-carved statue from natural marble/granite
  • Marble pedestal could be customzied in height and width.
  • Other colours of marble and dimensions customization are available.
Stone lion sculpture
Large lion statue