King Edward VII On A Bronze Horse

Equestrian Statue Of Bronze horse for garden

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Bronze horse statue

Equestrian Statue of King Edward VII On A Horse

The King Edward VII equestrian statue is a 15-foot bronze horse statue that was originally erected in Delhi, India in 1922 to commemorate King Edward VII's historic role as the Emperor of India. The statue was brought to Toronto in 1969 and is now located in Queen's Park, just north of the Ontario Legislature.

The statue depicts King Edward VII riding a majestic muscular horse. The horse is captured mid-stride, in a manner that seems to be a parade. The king is highly decorated in a royal militant manner, with a crown on his head, a sword in his hand, and a cape flowing behind him. The statue is exceptionally photographed by "Tungsten Rising".

The statue is a powerful symbol of British imperialism and colonialism. It has been criticized by some for its glorification of a historical figure who was responsible for the oppression of millions of people. However, the statue is also a reminder of Canada's colonial past and the complex legacy of British rule in India.

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Bronze horse statue
Bronze horse statue