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How to install outdoor bronze sculpture to your garden

Bronze Sculpture Installation

Picture of Bronze sculptures out doors

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There’s something about metal which seems timeless as a material for sculpture. Stones such as marble make for some of the most beautiful works of visual art that we as a species have ever produced, but bronze boasts an entirely different feeling.
It has a greater element of permanence and precision, and its darker, understated colors and subtle sheen give a visual effect that is both very recognizably metallic as well as surreally mystifying.
Furthermore, bronze can be much more durable than stone, which itself can last for generations if it is of high quality and properly maintained.

But there is much more involved in the display of bronze statues and sculptures than merely making artistic choices and deciding on what kind of statue you would like to purchase. Once your order arrives, proper installation can feel like a formidable challenge.
Luckily, this is a very popular kind of sculpture with many years of technique and knowledge behind it, and there are multiple common options depending on your specific circumstances.

Many bronze statues are mounted, which simply means that they are fixed in place via metal bolts or concrete bases. Bronze statues are naturally very heavy, so the weight alone may be enough to secure it safely, but this is not always a guarantee.
Mounting may not always be necessary, but it is always a good idea. If your statue has an irregular shape or is off-weight, it might tilt if left to stand on its own.
Additionally, statues installed in public places such as parks would benefit from additional safety measures, be it against natural accidents or theft attempts.

Image of a Life-Size Custom Garden Bronze Statue, Bronze art of love

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Take for example this beautiful abstract piece. The two human figures bow together to form the image of a face between them. You can see how this particular design might be vulnerable to tipping due to its front-facing dimensions.
It even comes with a little pedestal for added stability. Mounting this sculpture would be highly recommended, as a clumsy misstep may be enough to push it over.

Bronze statues are typically mounted in one of two common ways: with mounting bolts, and with concrete. Setting your statue in wet concrete and allowing it to set around the statue’s base will produce a more consistent appearance without any pieces of visible metal or other hardware, but it is also the far more difficult method and will require a professional in almost all cases.
In addition, it will make your statue almost impossible to remove or transport later without damaging the concrete base. If you have no intention of moving your statue, then this would be ideal. Check out our Outdoor bronze sculptures for more like this.

Image of a Large bronze peacock statue

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Here is a bronze sculpture that lends itself greatly to the concrete setting method of installation: this absolutely stunning large multicolor peacock. Why would this sculpture benefit more from concrete mounting than the use of bolts:
The reason is its highly realistic appearance and detail-oriented design: it is such a beautifully realized and vividly colored piece that the appearance of metal bolts on its base might detract from its beauty.
Contrast this with more abstract pieces which bring attention to their artistry and their role as visual statements, such as a Bronze horse sculpture and the difference becomes clear. Still, please keep in mind that nothing will ever replace your own personal preference!

The other method is using mounting bolts. This method requires some hardware, but is typically more straightforward. In most cases, 5/8” holes can be drilled into your concrete base (already set and dried this time!) and partially filled with epoxy.
Then, mounting nuts are set around the holes, and 3/8” bolts are secured through them. The epoxy sets and tightens the bolt snugly into the concrete base, and these bolts provide tremendous strength and integrity for holding up your bronze sculpture.

Image of a Large bronze peacock statue

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Consider this lovely bronze statue depicting a couple of kids reading on a toppled tree. This lovely sculpture swoops gracefully into the ground it is set on, and the tree trunk’s dark, consistent color and rugged texture would do quite well to hide a few carefully placed bolts.

That being said, setting the sculpture in concrete directly would also benefit the imagery of an old tree giving its final resting place to the children enjoying their day on its woody remains.
The pros and cons of each method remain, and like always, it is your personal choice which will reign supreme at the end of the day.

Mounting your bronze sculpture also addresses an unfortunate truth: depending on where your sculpture is being installed, and its nature, anti-theft measures may be a good idea. This is usually not the case: even unmounted, free-standing bronze statues are incredibly heavy and a challenge to transport, often requiring teamwork and a truck to do so.
But for complete peace of mind towards your large investment, mounting of either method will make theft virtually impossible. Sleep well knowing your beautiful new bronze sculpture will always be there in the morning!

Obtaining a good statue is always a challenge that can take some energy out of you, even after you have made your decision and planned everything out. When it comes to technical stuff such as installation and securing, a little bit of help can go a long way.
Between the two methods we’ve discussed here, you should be well on your way to finalizing the display of your favorite large bronze sculptures, and forever transforming the visual landscape of your property

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